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How to reduce the
stress of multi-site
energy management

25 November 2020

There is increasing pressure for today’s businesses to be profitable, sustainable, socially responsible and transparent. The problem is that it takes a lot of effort to keep all of these plates spinning, especially when you are a multi-site business with variances in infrastructure from branch to branch. This is where intelligent energy management comes into play.

Let’s say you could take a few of those spinning plates and merge them into one central spinning plate, which could then be constantly manned by a specialist plate spinner. Letting go of this metaphor, what we’re talking about is the consolidation of multiple energy contracts into one discounted deal. A single supplier with co-terminus end dates, managed in house by a dedicated energy management team.

Consolidating your multi-site contracts into one manageable space

Managing different sites that are all on separate energy contracts, with potentially different suppliers and end dates scattered throughout the year, can be a real pain. However, having a single across-the-board supplier with just one end date and renewal
to manage is clearly the easier option. When time is money, and money is very often wasted on complicated processes, consolidating multi-site contracts just makes good business sense.

How to increase operational efficiency

Imagine the relief of suddenly having just one supplier, one set of bills, and a single contract to think about. Tying up all those loose ends can help streamline every aspect of your business systems. This frees up valuable time and energy so that you can take a breath and refocus on the things that set your business apart, whether that is creativity, innovation, or excellent customer service.

Want even more “free” time?

Unfortunately, managing your utilities is as essential as it is a nuisance. For busy managers, it can take away crucial bandwidth from other areas of your business which are vital to your commercial success. Sure, the consolidation of multi-site energy contracts frees up a huge chunk of time, but what if you could free up even more by having us manage it for you?

At Smith Bellerby we monitor the markets to procure you the energy deal that best suits your business needs, manage your supply, and simplify your energy efficiency. We can also go beyond that by managing your energy data, navigating tricky compliance with increasing regulations, and validating your bills. We can streamline your energy, water, and telecommunications management so that you can focus on what matters.

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