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Water Saving Week: How your business can cut water waste.

12 May 2021


Every business can benefit from lower utility bills and reduced emissions. This Water Saving Week is the perfect time to take a look at your usage and make effective, lasting changes.

Water Saving Week is an annual, online event started by Waterwise. They aim to keep businesses and individuals informed on the best ways to reduce waste and encourage sustainable thinking. This year the theme is communication. This is a great time to talk to your colleagues, clients or suppliers about saving water.

Why is saving water important?

While most of us probably don’t spare our water supply much thought, we are facing a problem. The UK currently has less water available per person than most European countries. London is often drier than parts of Africa and the problem is only getting worse.

Reducing our water use saves money, cuts carbon emissions and is better for the environment. Taking steps now will help prevent serious problems that could become a regular reality over the next decade.

Fortunately, cutting down on how much water we waste can be quite easy. There are a number of simple changes that will quickly start to show results, simultaneously reducing energy use and CO2 emissions.

Work out how much you are using

If you do not know how much water your business uses every day, you are not alone. Most people underestimate their usage and thus how much they could save. That is where a water audit comes in. By identifying your utility use you can better understand areas of potential saving.

At ESS we start with a full review of your water history and an analysis of what you are likely to need in the future. With this information, we can help you set up a waste reduction strategy that will start to save you money as quickly as possible. We then check to make sure you have not been overcharged in the past and work to recover funds if you have.

Start with the tap

Simple everyday actions like washing our hands, washing dishes and preparing food use a lot of tap water. To make matters worse, up to 90% of the water we use this way gets wasted. Installing taps with low flow aerators cuts down on how much water we use. They can even be fitted to existing fixtures.

Rethink your gardens

If your business has outdoor space the potential savings on your water bill can be considerable. Looking after your landscaping, garden area or grounds often means using a sprinkler system. Most of these can be fitted with rainfall shutoff devices. These are cheap, easy to fit and automatically turn off your sprinklers when they detect rainfall. 

Many businesses are also able to fit water tanks to collect rainfall and great water dividers that recover water from your existing sinks and bathroom fittings for use in your garden.

Making changes at home

The water we use at home accounts for half of the country’s yearly usage. With more of us working from home that number has begun to increase. The average household uses 330 litres a day. Most homes can make a few easy changes such as fitting low flow bathroom fixtures. All appliances now come with efficiency labels. Replacing out of date, inefficient washing machines and dishwashers with a more modern device can pay for itself in savings.

Property managers and local councils have the opportunity to make even bigger differences. The more fixtures you have, the higher the chance for waste reduction. Every tap or sink that you fit with a flow control device is a step in the right direction.

Switch your supplier

While it won’t directly cut down on your usage, changing to a new water company can help reduce pressure on the system and get you a better deal. The savings you make on your bills can then go on to fund any changes you are making across the business.

We can help you choose a new supply or renegotiate your existing contract if you want to stay with your current provider. Our team have the experience and resources needed to ensure you get the best deal possible for your business or properties.

How can Smith Bellerby help?

Saving water is becoming more important every day but it does not need to be complicated. At Smith Bellerby, we offer a range of solutions tailored to fit your needs. From water audits to utility procurement we can help you build a plan for reducing water waste and lowering your supply costs.

With our team monitoring your usage and tracking changes in supply costs you can spend less time worrying about your water bills and more time focusing on your business. If you want more information on how we can help your business get in touch today.

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