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Helping clients take advantage
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become more water efficient.


Since April 2017, most businesses in England have been able to switch water suppliers and secure a better deal irrespective of usage. Businesses are finally starting to realise the potential for savings in the unappreciated utility, water.

Realise the potential
for saving

Deregulation of the English water market has removed the monopoly of water providers for business users. Business are now free to choose their water supplier. Before, only business, charity and public sector customers who use more than five million litres were eligible to switch provider. As a result, many companies have ignored water as an important utility asset and its potential for cost saving.

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What does it mean for your business?

You now have the freedom to choose your own supplier of water, sewage and drainage services.
This gives you the flexibility to shop around for the best price.

Our customers have saved hundreds and even thousands of pounds with our thorough water audit.
By fitting water meters, cutting down on usage, and allowing us to source new water contracts for them.

Could your business benefit?

Housing associations, education organisations, corporations, property management, and councils already have.

Get a free, no obligation, water audit today.

Find out if you’ve been overcharged, how you can achieve savings and let us negotiate with suppliers.
We’ll take control of your complicated water invoices with our industry standard-setting validation service.

Our water management service

Full Water Audit

Full water audit

Site surveys, bill validation and verification of all water associated charges. Complex, varied and opaque water charges clarified.

Smart Water Procurement

Smart water procurement

Risk and procurement strategy based on your needs, securing the best prices with contracts relevant to you.

Water Efficiency Strategy

Water efficiency strategy

Reduce your water waste, costs
and water footprint even with
small consumption.

Charges and Cost Recovery

Charges and cost recovery

Recover historic overpayments
and correct future charges.


Your free water audit

Our clients have already saved thousands with our water audit. Regardless of the size of your water supplies, savings can still be achieved. As some aspects of water charges are independent of the amount of water consumed. Our water audit also serves as the basis for a water efficiency strategy.
Get a free, no-obligation water audit today
Find out how you can reduce your water costs and make savings from past overcharges. By using our industry standard-setting validation service we will take control of your complicated water invoices.

Intelligent water procurement

Using intelligent utility management, your dedicated procurement team will:

  • review and validate your invoices
  • research and source the best prices to match your requirements.

We will conduct the same rigorous tendering and intelligent procurement process as with energy purchasing.

Water companies are not only reducing their costs but also improving customer service and supply to beat the competition. With extra incentives to the services they provide, to entice you to use them as your supplier. Giving you, the customer, a real potential for savings.

time and money
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Water efficiency strategy

More than 3 billion litres of water are lost in the UK each day due to leaks. It’s crucial that we identify any problem areas to both help the environment and benefit you financially.

Using the water audit together with your Asset Register, we can help devise a strategy to help you monitor and reduce your water consumption.

Charges and cost recovery

Water charges are becoming an increasing burden for organisations. It is important that you monitor these costs. Water charges are complex, varied and opaque and, for the majority of the UK, not subject to competitive pressures. It is no surprise that many organisations are overcharged for their water and sewage services. Unfortunately, they rarely have access to the necessary resources to ensure they are correctly charged.
As a client we will work closely with you to help you decide which of our recommendations to implement. Once agreed we will start to recover your overpayments and correct the charges. The fee for the service is derived from an agreed share of the disclosed recoverable savings/refunds achieved for a specified period. After which you get the full cost reduction benefit. If you choose not to proceed with any of our recommendations at the end of the process, there will be no cost.
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